Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eight Google Products that Creates hope for Small Business

Google always have a hope for Small Business World. Google is a productive solution for your business. If you have a small business, definitely you will love Google for its top of the world business solutions. Google always have a secret to reach new customers, to enhance your website and to increase your productivity. Google’s products and services increase your visibility online.

The way that Google does the business is really remarkable. Here are some of the Google’s Products and Services that helps to increase your productivity.

Google Latitude – It is Google’s geo-locator service, useful to location tracking. We can get the service of Google Latitude on our mobile phones also. It’s helpful to find out the location of your friends, employees, and/or customers, their status messages and you can even contact them. It reduces your business cost with free stuff.

Google Wave - According to Google it’s a communication and collaboration tool. It’s the forthcoming product of Google, which is going to be launched this year and Google believes it will financially benefit the business. Wave is open source is an open source application that lets you run Wave on your internal corporate network, having options such as, email options, embedded APIs, and extensions like robot, gadget, etc.

Google Local Business Center – Google has using the advantages of Google Analytics and Google Maps in Google Business Center. It shows the detailed analytics report for each business. It’s helpful for customers to find a business and its driving location easily. We can maintain more than one business listings. There are free printable coupon options to attract customers. If you are targeting a specific region for your business, it’s the best option for you.

Google Analytics - It’s the wonderful business statistics tool of Google. It helps you to find out your customers pathway, thru’ which keywords, referrals, and search engines they come to your website. With collection of data offered by Google Analytics you can know what benefits your business. It helps to reduce your marketing cost and it can track all kind of campaigns that matters your business.

Google Adwords - Google Adwords is a Pay per Click advertising system and it is an inexpensive to advertise your products online. Advertisers pay Google to publish their ads online and Google shares this revenue with the other website owners who publish these ads on their websites. We can edit our ads at any time. If you choose the best suited business keywords, it will generate highly targeted leads for your business.

Gmail Cloud Computing – It offers Email security and web security and it streamlines your document and email management. It reduces the time spent on administration of your computer storage, security, backup and recovery. You can also access this service on your mobile phones. Google’s Antivirus checking, intelligent spam filter, document creation and management, unlimited storage, and online collaboration are the additional benefits of this service.

Google Base - You can add your business details in Google Base. If you want to sell your products online, it’s the best option for you. It will be a wonderful marketing tool for you, if you done it right. We can use this service at free of cost. If you use this service in a right way, it may also appear on Google Search results, Froogle and Google Local Business Center.

Google Checkout - It’s a secure and convenient way of marketing and selling your products online. Having its own payment systems online, it helps your customers to easily find out and shop your products online. It designed to integrate with Google Adwords. If you have made it effectively, it’s the best way which increases your sale and productivity.

Google is a powerful advertising tool with low or no cost and its Products and Services such as, Google Trends, Google Local, Google Base, etc. help you to find resources and work smarter. It helps to improve your search listings and tracks your targeted customers that increase your revenue.

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