Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Top SEO Suggestions to get Good Position on Bing

Here for Bing, we can call it as Decision Engine Optimization rather calling as Search Engine Optimization. Bing respects few of the SEO rules we’re already following while optimizing a website for search engines. The Bing Team highlights that a fusion of good content and proper SEO are the essential elements in website design. So most of the SEO tips what we follow for Google and Yahoo may also work for Bing.

Bing, the Decision Search Engine also appears to give more importance for the Domain Age, like Google. If we purchase older domains, it will acts as a ranking factor in Bing. So make your domain age increase.

Bing gives more importance to text. It really likes pages with more words. Try to put anchor links with your keywords on the content presented in the website title tag. Inbound Anchor Texts matters more.

With Google especially, SEOs are scared to do reciprocal links or to link out to other websites. Coz in most cases Google will reduce the Page Ranking. But Bing supports that kind of linking process.

The most essential factor that influences Google Position Factors is TITLE. Bing gives more & more importance to Title comparing to Google. Be sure the Title is relevant to the subject of the content. If you are failing to follow this tip, the other efforts you put to get good position on Bing, may be lost.

Even though you have a great content and high quality inbound links from authority sites, the structure of your site is much important. If the structure of your site is flawed or broken, then it will not achieve the position you are aiming for.

For a better result in Bing SERPs, is better going with the Twitter. Now, Bing is displaying Twitter results in top positions in its SERPs for a few thousand Twitterers. The Bing results show the latest Tweets of that Twitterer. So, if you are a "power" user in Twitter, you can see yourself in the search results. For ex,

In what ways Bing differs from Google:

While comparing with Google, there is a slight differentiation in Bing On-Site Factors & Off-Page Factors. Anyhow Bing tries for its best to differentiate its Algorithm from Google’s.

Backlinks are of less importance. If you compare the results in Bing and Google, it is noticeable that all equal, the winners in Bing have less backlinks than the winners in Google.

On-page factors matters more in Bing than with Google. This is one of the most controversial points. Many SEO experts disagree but many also think that on-page factors matter more with Bing than with Google.

Bing's algorithm must have some difference from Google's coz the search results are different for the same keywords. SEOs try to figure out what of the known SEO tactics works with Bing.

Let’s see whether Bing will become a real competitor to Google or it will become one more failed attempt to overwhelm Google out of the competition. Also let's see how users react for this new upcoming Search Engine. So for now the best we can do is keep analyzing the Bing.

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