Monday, January 4, 2010

Branding - SEO along with Branding for a Successful Strategy

Branding for Big Companies

Branding is a time honored approach to marketing.  It is generally used by very large companies to familiarize the public with their product line.  A successful branding campaign builds trust, credibility, and the desire of the public to purchase and use your particular brand of product or service.

SEO along with Branding is a marketing confusion that bigger companies will need to come to grips with on the Internet. Often companies will need to decide whether to promote their own brand name as their main keyword phrase or optimize for a more common keyword phrase.

One more issue in branding is trademark violation. Courts have upheld that websites using another company's brand name in its Meta tags is engaging in trademark violation. Big companies have to keep themselves from others stealing traffic that is legally theirs. These companies cannot however keep a general term such as "electronics" as that is fair game for all electronics companies.

So in order to generate the largest ROI, large companies need to optimize their websites both for their own brand names and for the generic, high traffic keywords and keyword phrases appropriate to their sites. Otherwise, they are letting tons of online business just slip away.

The goal is to have the public automatically think of and desire their brand of product. It requires many repeated exposures before branding begins to be successful. Branding campaigns tend to be very expensive. It is essential to consider the most efficient use of your marketing dollars.

Branding for Small or Home Based Business

Even if you are starting a home base Internet business also branding is a necessary thing for you. You are never too small as a business to start thinking about branding. For one thing, your brand should reflect two or three keywords that people search for when they look for products or services on the Internet.

Branding is an important concept to grip simply because it summarizes everything about your business that will leave a lasting impression. Yet another intention of branding is about making your customer remember you even if they visit your site and decide not to buy anything that particular day. If you are branded properly then they will remember and come back for a second look and likely a sale.

Branding is an essential component of all sales and marketing strategies and it is best not to ignore it. Branding is what makes you unique and differentiates you from your competition. You might not think, especially if you are a small Internet business, that branding does not really apply to you. However branding is the very foundation of marketing and also SEO techniques.

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