Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Landing Page Optimization

What is Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization is a piece of Internet marketing process called Conversion Optimization, or Conversion Rate Optimization. It is done with the goal of improving the percentage of visitors to the website that be converted into sales leads and customers.

Important Thing to remember in Landing Page Optimization

It is not possible to do a good quality job of optimizing your home page for every possible term people might use to find your site. Think of it as a town fair full of criers who are all yelling their own messages: the end result is a din of roughly equal volume in which nothing stands out. Plan instead to add a page to your site for each search term, heavily optimized for that term using all the tips below, so that page becomes the top organic search result for the term and therefore the page that visitors land on when coming to your site. It’s important to make sure that these pages are not islands that are not linked from any of the main content of the website, because otherwise web crawlers may not find and index them.

Types of LPO - Landing Page Optimization

Based on targeting:

Associative content targeting - rule-based optimization - passive targeting - The page content is customized based on information gained about the user behavior, traffic source or other known general parameters that can be used for explicit non-research-based consumer segmentation.

Predictive content targeting - Active Targeting - The page content is adjusted by comparing any well-known recognized information about the visitor as such, prior purchase behavior, personal demographic information, browsing patterns, etc. to predict or look forward to the preferred future actions based on predictive analytics.

Consumer directed targeting - social Targeting - The page content is created utilizing the relevance of visibly available information through a mechanism based on reviews, ratings, tagging, referrals, etc.

Based on experimentation:

Closed-ended experimentation. Consumers are exposed to several variations of landing pages at the same time as their behavior is also observed. At the conclusion of the experiment, an optimal page is selected based on the outcome of the experiment.

Open-ended experimentation. This approach is parallel to closed-ended experimentation, except that the experimentation is ongoing, meaning that the landing page is adjusted dynamically as the experiment results change.

How to create a successful Landing Page

1.      Market to your specific users through market segmentation and persona development
2.      Persuade users through relevant copy and content
3.      Build Trust and increase user’s confidence on the page
4.      Engage by providing users with answers to their questions about your product/service
5.      Enhance customers experience through better usability
6.      Improve your site’s scent
7.      Test using multivariate or A/B testing scenarios
8.      Increase your conversion rates
9.      Maximize campaign ROI

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