Saturday, January 2, 2010

SEO Tips and Suggestions for Drupal Website

1. Make sure you enable clean urls and install pathauto module.

2. Use Global Redirect module to avoid all kind of content duplication.

3. Use Meta Keywords (Nodewords) module to put description and Meta keywords on any page.

4. Use page Title Module which gives custom title Meta tag.

5. Robots.txt - Though it’s always better to use and edit robots.txt manually, you can use robots.txt module to generate robots.txt file automatically.

6. Use XMLSitemap to create sitemaps which are very handy on big sites and ecommerce sites to get the pages indexed in Google and other search engines.

7. SEO checklist is another good module which you can use on your drupal site. The modules itself don’t do much but provides a checklist of SEO modules which you can install on your site.

8. Avoid modules using 302 redirect - There are few modules of drupal (like wikitools) which uses 302 redirection instead of 301 redirection. Since 302 are considered to be temporary redirection, you should always do 301 redirection.

9. Do Theme Edits. Drupal has a great template system and you can make lot of search engine friendly moves from the view itself which is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to write modules for small features. If you are looking to have different titles Meta tags for different content types or you want something different for only one page, you can use these themes to do so.

10. Remove Content Duplication. Ideally you want to remove all kind of content duplication on your drupal site, so you can add the following code in your robots.txt file to block spiders indexing the content.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /aggregator/
Disallow: /comment/reply
Disallow: /node/add
Disallow: /archive/
Disallow: /tracker/
Disallow: /user/
Disallow: /*?*
Disallow: /*feed

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  1. i havent tried setting up an account in drupal but planning to have one this weekend..i keep this in my mind..


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