Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ten Refined Tips for Email Marketing

1. Email addressees with their name in Email Campaigns. Compose your newsletter that makes recipients feel more like themselves, less like mere numbers by greet them in person and individually.

2. Use your Brand name in the Subject flash attention, and make your recipients comfy with opening your marketing messages.

3. Create a Clear Call to Action in Email Marketing Campaigns. Make certain that recipients of your email message know what you expect them to do and what they can expect in return.

4. Compose it easy to unsubscribe. When a customer requests for unsubscribe and you make it tough or tedious, you’ll end up with bad word-of-mouth for years to come.

5. Maintain lists the latest. Remove mail ids which bounce to your mail, from the list - that is, the messages returned because of outdated addresses, nonexistent accounts, or mailboxes too full to receive. Internet service providers often penalize marketers who frequently get a significant quantity of bounces.

6. Avoid to be considered as a spam mailer. Certain keywords attract the filters, for noticeable reasons. To stay away from having your message sent in the junk mail folder, remove as much as possible of words like "refund," "click here," "discount" or "free." Do not make use of lots of capital letters. Avoid marketing expressions like "While supplies last" or "Call for a free quote."

7. If you cannot able to come to a decision whether you should publish your newsletter as HTML or plain text, carry out both and allow your recipients decide on their own which they like better.

8. Use both subscribe and unsubscribe link option in your mail. This kind is known as double opt-in method. It is a principle for permission based marketing.

9. If you are using audios, videos or docs for Email Marketing, make sure it rocks. Media files that rocks can enhance your email marketing campaign.

10. With advanced and reasonable applications, you can gear your messages to specific interests of selected customers or groups, such as customers with similar demographics, purchasing histories, or other characteristics. Targeted offers are apt to boost up respond rates.

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