Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tips to Optimize the Landing Page

1. Put the most essential information about the product/service in a very familiar format in a clear manner on the landing page. This is valid for both search engines and humans. Put them before any thing else in the BODY tag. 

2. Use H1 tags to draw attention to the main content on the page. Also use STRONG tag to show up the cream of your content.

3. Use the space wisely, instead of large image headings you might want to use a much crawlablge textual content that describes the product/service.

4.  Keep a clean and thin code. Use standardized code structure to reduce the errors and invalid entries. Follow a strict code that validates to ensure that the page collects the value factor.

5. Use a spider simulator tool to test and simulate the page. Make sure that the content is ready for the crawlers in a pleasant format.

6. Get maximum incoming links to the first landing page with its file name with the appropriate anchor text you need.

7. Maintain a healthy keyword ratio on the landing page. 

8. Use a nice footer text to make sure you have lost nothing.

9. A website should have multiple landing pages. Create some deep link landing pages that will focus on specific offer and your conversion rate will be higher.

10. A landing page’s content should be directly related to organic search results, PPC campaign, anchor text in inbound links and any other targeted inbound advertising, online and offline. If people don’t get what they expect, they will be more likely to leave.
11. After you got visitors to your landing page, direct them to take action. Make it clear and highly noticeable without overwhelming your audience. Whether it is a sign-up form or a “buy now” button, make it the focus of your page.

12. Endow with a list of reasons why your offer is better and what exactly the visitor can be expecting. Provide references and testimonials.

13. Avoid sending your visitors to another page unless it is really needed. 

14. Do not proffer multiple choices and throw in optional extras. Focus on the offer the page was created for.

15. Use Tools like Google Website Optimizer, so that you can easily monitor the conversion rate, bounce rate, and tons of other useful metrics found in most modern day web analytics apps. This will give some idea on how to maximize the results.

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