Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SEM is not only for Adwords - Think Beyond the Line

Most of the people misunderstand and confuse the concept of SEM and they insists that SEM activities only involves Adwords. Actually, the fact is, its just a single part of SEM. But most of the people are not aware of this fact and they think of an Ocean as a Small Pool.

Before explaining the fact, we have to understand what SEO and SEM meant for.

SEO is a bunch of un-paid activities carried out to improve the visibility of your websites in web search engines and in SERP Pages as it is the process of improving value and volume of preferred traffic towards the website from search results of various search engines for targeted key phrases or keywords.

SEM on the other hand involves the sum of paid as well as unpaid Search Engine based/related Online Marketing and Advertising activities as its motto is increasing the web traffic, increasing conversions and taking online actions that leads to a purchase of the product/service.

SEM activities

Social Media Marketing - Its recognized as a higher level of SEM.


Contextual Advertising

Paid Inclusions/Paid Link Submissions

Traditional Ads

Banner Ads

Article Marketing

Geo Targeting - You can as well apply Geo Targeting in your SEM activities even though it falls under SEO.

Email Marketing - Most of the people think that it is not a SEM Activity. But actually it is. It is a SEM method that involves the sending out of properly worded marketing mails.

Press Release

Blog Marketing - Based on the concept it will also falls under the SEM activities.

​................................. etc.

SEM involves much more and I am also not remindful about its activities as a whole. SEO and SEM are both a Ocean in the Online Marketing World and We are just learning a part of it.

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