Thursday, April 2, 2015

Here comes the NEW Enhanced BING Ads Editor Vs. 10.7

Bing recently started announcing that they are going to stop supporting BING Ads Editor older versions from March 31st 2015 and moving to the newer version 10.7.

It is honorably a multitude of new and improved features intended to aid you acquire more stuffs of campaign management and optimization in minimal time. The features included in this version are based on user reviews received by BING regarding their user experience of BING Ads Editor. Some of the notable features are editable keyword text, enhanced Get/Post changes, and faster radius targeting management (integrated in the location targeting window in a new tab next to Area targeting) and usability enhancements. 
Now the question is what will happen to the older version users of Bing Ads Editor? No problem, we can use our account and can make updates locally by using those. The restriction on this part is we cannot able to download or upload the changes.

Therefore, it is advisable to set up the new version 10.7 without delay to make sure our campaigns are running with no interruptions. To check the current version that we are using, we have to go to HELP menu and have to select About Bing Ads Editor. We can advance to this newer version, through the update notification in Bing Ads Editor or through the Bing Ads Editor download page.

For a quick overview of the included features in BING Ads Editor, watch the below video from BING Ads Team:

Sunday, March 22, 2015

How to include sitemap.xml file in your blogger blog

Blogger Sitemap

Are you not aware of how to create a sitemap file for blogger? 

Here is the instructions that you need to follow to create a XML sitemap for your BlogSpot blog.

1. Go to the
2. Find the text "xml sitemap for blogger"
3. Provide the Home Page URL of your Blogger blog.
4. Click the Generate Sitemap button 
5. Copy the entire generated version
6. Go to your Blogger dashboard and click Settings 
7. In settings click Search Preferences, (available in the Crawling and Indexing section). 
8. Paste the copied text in the “the enable Custom robots.txt option"
9. Then save your changes.

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