Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Economical SEO Techniques for Small Business Owners

Web Directory Submission - From improved link popularity to increased visibility in major search engines, directory submissions have a lot to offer in terms of powerful benefits in search engine optimization. As an affordable yet one of most effective methods of search engine optimization, quality directory submissions can give you a quicker brand building, increased website traffic and thus better sales.

Article Marketing - creates one way links to your site, which increases your page rank better than any other kind of link. Also, you can be sure that the traffic driven by article submission is targeted, since those who click on the links in your articles are already potential customers. Article submissions also build your credibility as a source of information, because you are showing the readers, through your articles, that you are knowledgeable about the particular topic discussed. These things, then, will all help drive more traffic to your site.

Press Release Submission - A well optimized press release is an extremely effective marketing tool. Press releases that are optimized with keyword rich content are invaluable to your business, especially when they contain newsworthy information. Submitting keyword optimized press releases can dramatically increase the availability of press releases to journalists and consumers who are searching on the web for information. Press Release Submission increases brand awareness for existing and new customers.

Social Bookmarking - The four irresistible benefits of Social Bookmarking is quick indexing, traffic generation, personal branding and quality backlinks. In this way, you are not only submitting your pages to get one way links to your sites, you are also branding yourself; you are establishing yourself as an expert to reckon with in your niche. A lot of these profile pages also get very high PR love from Google, thereby giving you a better chance of dominating your niche in the search engines. A lot of people on the site will also add you as a friend who will expand your network of fans and thereby generating you more traffic for you.

Search Engine Submissions - With web site submissions to search engines you improve your chances of being ranked high on the search engine results page as you are making the search engines know about your web site without actually making them search your web site among the millions of URLs. Another benefit of search engine submission is that web site submissions offer you with the fundamentals of what a web site is supposed to have in it and give you with keys on how to boost traffic.

Blog Marketing and Promotion - Businesses can use Blog Marketing and Promotion, to come down to a more personal level with their visitors. Blog Marketing and Promotion can be an excellent way to Increase Website Traffic. Business blogs provide your small business with a chance to share your expertise and knowledge with a larger audience. Business bloggers are achieving top search engine rankings because search engines rank based on link popularity and easy to index regular content among other factors. Blog Marketing and Promotion provides several communication benefits. The biggest benefit of RSS for your web audience is a better solution for notification than websites themselves or email.

Link building - A process of increasing the Link Popularity of a web page by creating links from other domains in order to increase Search Engine Ranking. Link Popularity is one of the most important factors in top search engine ranking. Link Building helps your website gain Page Rank. Major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. put emphasis on off page factors such as Link Popularity in their ranking algorithms to determine how important your site is and rank it accordingly. Link building service will help you save a lot of advertising money and get new business.

Social Media Optimization - Increases linkability, creates inbound links, helps your content travel, participation, tagging and bookmarking. Social Media Optimization is a creative and an articulate way of driving enormous traffic to your Web site through numerous social media sites. The progressive use of social mediums such as, blogs, message boards, discussion forums and submission of articles has given Social Media Optimization a gateway to prosper and develop manifolds.

Content Writing - All websites require good, useful and interesting content. That is a given. What website owners want to know is what form that content should take for search engine success. Great content attracts visitor traffic to your site. While there, your visitors can convert to customers for your online business. Content, deemed valuable to other website owners, will attract incoming links to your site. Finally, content writing will help your site to rank on the search engines, in its own right.

On Page Optimization - is a technique by means of which your web page gets a high ranking on various Search engines like yahoo, Google, MSN, etc. On page factors are directly related to the content and structure of the website.

Off Page Optimization - is basically controlling how the internet portrays your website. A professional off page optimization will be able to employ their own resources to control how search engines view your website and thereby control your ranking. Most off page optimization techniques done well will result in very high ROI and high ranking in MSN, Google and Yahoo.

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  1. I like this term "factory SEO". SEO project is just like any other projects...

  2. I like this term "factory SEO". SEO project is just like any other projects...

  3. Thanks for your informative article. I agree with your thoughts. SEO is most trusted and cost effective option to draw potential traffic to your business. However, you need to spend significant amount of time and money in achieving your business goal.

  4. I have read your blog it is good and infomatic for me as well as for the other that you write on the Economical seo . Good job keep it up .


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