Friday, December 25, 2009

Google Caffeine – A new version of Google Search is on its way

Google Caffeine is a fantastic speedy version of Google’s current search engine form. Most of the changes have been server and database related to make the whole process of making a search a much quicker and more pleasurable experience. We are all speed freaks, and Google caffeine will not disappoint us at that point.

In a Google announcement they said that, "Based on the success Google have seen, they believe Caffeine is ready for a larger audience. Soon they will activate Caffeine more widely, beginning with one data center".

On the other hand, Matt Cutts said that Caffeine will not be officially mainstream till the beginning of 2010, until then that one server will enjoy the Caffeine benefits. According to Google's Matt Cutts the all new Caffeine Search Engine has already begun to roll out and is 'now working at 50-percent in the data center.'

Matt Cutts also stated that, “I know that webmasters can get anxious around this time of year, so I wanted to reassure site owners that the full Caffeine roll out will happen after the holidays”.

Google says Caffeine, the next version of its search-engine infrastructure, will soon be available to a wider audience, offering technology designed to deliver faster and more accurate results. Google has provided no specific launch date, but says Caffeine should be fully deployed early in 2010.

Caffeine looks unlikely to alter the familiar look of Google search, but will work in the background, improving the engine's index size, indexing speed and accuracy. Unlike Google's regular updates to its search technology, the new engine represents a significant change in part of the company's search infrastructure.

Caffeine Search is easily the most predictable change on the web. According to many expert statements Google Caffeine is not only faster, but in some instances seems more proficient of producing real-time results.

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