Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Google Page Rank Update on October 2009, January 2010

After June 2009, Google has started the PR update process and the changes were reflected in end of October 2009. Google updates the PR at an interval of 3 months or so but this time they took more time. Its coz of Google Google Wave release and then they were also busy in Google Caffeine. Webmaster team is also busy in the upgrading the Webmaster Tool. But this time lot many websites confirming the news that Google has started the process and they will be done by the update by end of October 2009.

When I was checking some of my client sites on October, 2009, I noticed that their PR went up from 1 to 3 and many internal pages have gained PR. So, it is sure that It Google is rolling out a long awaited Page Rank update in this last week of October. The last Page Rank update prior to this one was in June 2009, which may have just been a technical quirk because the one prior to that was just a month before in May.

Page Rank is a very important factor for any blog or website. It shows your site’s social status and power. The problem is that only Google officials know when will be the next update. After all, Google is now the giant in search engine market and no one is near it. So, to answer the original question, most likely there will be a Page Rank Update at the second week of January 2010 may be at Jan 14th, 2010. But if it does not happen then do not blame me because I am no way related to the mighty search engine.

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