Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Combine Upselling with Internet Marketing SEO Skills and Build your Success

Up-Selling - One method to boost up your online sales is to attract your buyers with superlative additional items that may be of interest to them. This is well-known as Upselling and once made correctly, can be able to increase your online sales tremendously. Upselling is moreover very effectual since it maximizes the return per customer thereby reducing marketing costs and effort.

1. Each and every page of the website apart from the home page must spotlight only on business topic. The preparation is to employ keywords for home page in the title tag, description Meta tag, headline or subheadings, and in rest of the content. Build an "Opt-In System" in blog, for corporate home page, sales page or landing page, and offer free bonuses in exchange for referrals or subscribers' emails. Integrate an "Upsell," "Downsell," or a "Tell-A-Friend" web page with sales page.

2. Based on the definition of up-selling, the additional product offered should be more expensive than the main product. Cautiously keep track of customer's behavior and needs because this technique is more risky than the cross selling technique since you are trying to sell something more expensive.

3. Highlight the additional value of the expensive product, for example "Buy a two-year license and save." The up-selling proposal should be suggested in the product presentation page, before adding the product to the shopping cart.

4. Do not forget to use latest releases. Point out against the suggested additional product, for example on the product's picture, that is "Just released" or "New version." Insert a link on the product image to a page with details. The client should understand the benefits of picking the up-selling offer. Put forward discounts and special promotions.

5. An additional significant phase is helping the client make a decision to buy as a result of a pleasurable experience. The website should be insightful and simple to use, must inspire faith and assurance, ought to be functional (i.e., no dead links, fast loading pages, etc.) and endow with sufficient product information.

Try to Convert your website Visitors into Customers

Analyze and track your visitors’ behaviors online. And give your customer more of what he wants, give him a better deal, and make sure he comes back to your website next time he's in the market for your goods or services.

Up-selling is a successive marketing technique and there are great ways to do this in a right way. Increasing the lifetime value of your customers has an enormous impact on your bottom line. Remember the old business rule - it's five times more expensive to win a new customer.

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