Sunday, January 24, 2010

Safest Double opt-in Email Marketing to escape from labeling as SPAM

I have point out in my previous post titled "Ten Refined Tips for Email Marketing" regarding the practice of 'double opt-in' email campaigns. Let’s spot the impressed and unimpressed sides of it.

At single opt-in, people are required to submit an email address in order to opt for specific emails to be sent to them. The issue with a single opt-in is that people may suggest their name by mistake, or somebody may have submitted their name for them, against their wishes.

Double opt-in is an improved permission that deals with these issues. With double opt-in, the submitted name is not instantaneously added to a mailing list. As an alternative, an email is sent to the address, asking over to verify or confirm that email address should definitely be added. If the receiver of the confirmation email does nothing, the submitted address is taken off from the mailing list. No further mails sent to that mail address. The name is only added to a distribution list if the addressees respond to the verification or confirmation email.


No false opt-ins
Lower risk of being tagged as SPAM


Longer process for people to get on your list.

Software and Tools having Double opt-in preference

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