Friday, January 1, 2010

Ten Tips to make your Blog Successful

1.      Start to select a good domain name. Your domain name has a strong significant on the type of content that exist on the site thus the search engine placed a huge emphasis on this area. If you are unable to get a domain with the keyword in it, you can also use it as a sub domain.

2.      Choose a good SEO Friendly Titles for your blog pages.

3.      The content is the only reason why your visitor is visiting your site. No amount of SEO can help your site if the content you write is not relevant to your target visitor group. Write good content and you will be rest assured that people will come to your site.

4.      Keep your topic attractive and exciting so that people will click your URL. Blog regularly and start to build up your loyal friend. It is also important to ensure that things you blog have a follow up action such as revisiting your site later for updated news so that people will keep coming back.

5.      Be approachable. Encourage people to comment on your blog. Comment on their blogs, too. Be friendly and civil, even if you disagree - common courtesy goes a long way.

6.      Be responsive. If someone asks a question, answer it. You don't have to reply within 5 minutes, but in most cases you should aim to reply within a few days. For lengthier queries, you could send a quick note to say you'll reply as soon as you can.

7.      Be proactive. Don't wait for other people to post things that you use as the basis for your own posts. It can be good to write a follow-up, but not all the time. Go in a new direction - approach your niche from a new angle. Seek opportunities. Find guest writers. Meet new people on blogs, forums and other networking sites.

8.      Be available. We can't be online every moment of the day, but we can check our emails regularly. Maintaining an online presence is important - so don't stop posting on your blog, and don't stop using networking sites such as Twitter.

9.      Building bridges with other bloggers is a very important thing to do. Help people; if people help you, thank them; contact other bloggers privately just to say hi (not only for blogging reasons); link to the people who have helped you. Don't expect to be best friends with everyone - but do be thankful for the friends you have.

10.  Market Your Blog. Don’t post it and forget it. This is your chance to use sexy marketing like social networking. Market your posts on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc.

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