Saturday, January 9, 2010

Top 20 SEO Tips for SEO Friendly Website Content

  1. Simple layout of content. Introduction, main content, and finally the summary. Keep it simple.

2.      Name a subject and you will find it on web, so dig deep and write something that you own. Something that makes you stands out of the regular web shops.

3.      Write what is relevant to your topic and business. Search engines have their own algorithm to check the relevancy of the content. Please avoid playing around with search engines. Even if you get successful in bringing few visitors to your site and they find the content irrelevant to their search, they will immediately bounce out of the site.

4.      Describe your services or products in an informative manner. Try to display important information with a link to the detailed information. This could give you an extra edge over your competitor

5.      Most of the web users do not read they just scan the web. Write content which is easily scannable by readers. Some points to be kept in mind are- Use of font color which is easy to the eyes, Variable Eye catching font sizes, Use list or bullets instead of paragraphs to improve recall value, and Use of Headers and sub headers.

6.      Present your content in a form of questions and answers. Most of the websites miss this opportunity to answer reader’s question and they land up increasing their bounce rate. This can be best done by addressing the user’s pain with a simple yet effective answer.

7.      Keywords play an important role in SEO strategy. Do not just sprinkle your keywords into the content rather build it around the selected keywords and phrases. The denser the keywords towards the top, the better they are. Use of synonyms is good, however, try them a little lower on your web page.

8.      Do not leave them to search their way. Guide them with doorways. Do linking within your content that makes the visitor flow with the content. This is called Flow design.

9.      Do proofreading to give an additional support to all your writing and SEO efforts. The spelling and grammar errors make your content look unprofessional.

10.  Write Web Content for Readers, Not Search Engines. Search Engines place a high importance on quality of content, and are regularly updating their algorithms to better align with the goal of providing the best ranking to sites that are shown to be authoritative resources. Writing web content for the human audience should always be a priority for any web writers.

11.  Use good internal linking strategies. Internal linking of content with contextual links, user-friendly navigation systems and sitemaps can help to guide readers and web crawlers to relevant content.

12.  Write pages that focus on 1-2 competitive keyword phrases to increase keyword density and provide tight pieces of writing that stay on-topic for readers.

13.  Clear titles. Make it painfully clear what you are going to talk about. It is fun to be clever and cute, but it can backfire on you.

14.  Be short and sweet. Don't stuff as many ideas as possible into one paragraph; rather, use that paragraph to focus on only one idea.

15.  Benefits vs. features: Present the benefits your visitors will receive. Don't write exclusively in terms of what your product or service does, but what benefits your visitors will get from your product or service.

16.  Content should always read naturally and should never feel "stuffed" with keywords. Never hide content on the page, but us it effectively as a sales tool.

17.  Each page should contain a close and one or more calls to action. Once you have effectively provided the necessary information, compel the visitor to take a desired action.

18.  Whenever possible and only where relevant, link your text out to other areas of the website as they are mentioned within the body copy. Selectively link out to external sources that reinforce the information you are providing.

19.  If possible add a blog to your domain and add fresh informative blog contents frequently. It will attract both users and search engines.

20. It should be interesting and appealing to maintain a reader’s interest throughout, till the end. In fact, if your content is promoting a service or product or is specifically meant for sale or lead generation, then it has to be influential and commanding as well.

Finally, a good web page that contains the most popular keywords enables the search engine spiders to find the content and display it before the visitors. Therefore it is important that the content should be informative, fresh, customer oriented and at the same time search engine friendly.

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