Thursday, February 17, 2011

Google Algorithm Update concerning to Site Content - 2011

In 2010, Google give importance to Site Speed and Loading Time. Now Google turn its eye on Duplicate Content issues. As per Matt Cutts Statement Google does multiple changes in their Algorithm and the main concern is Website Content and it's originality. That modification was commended at their weekly quality launch meeting on 20th Jan 2011 and launched after a week.
This launch will certainly get some definite impacts on SERPs. The motto of this launch to make available the most informative and original contents to the searchers. The filters fixed for duplicate content will be more stiffened. Google implied more strict techniques to find out the duplicate content in its SERPs. So as a end result, the content will be more fresh, updates and informative as consequently increases the credibility.
So be aware of your search engine rankings. Check regularly. And if you come to know any downward flow in Keyword rankings verify your content. and try to find out identify whether any other sites have having your content.
Unfortunately your top ranking site gone down in Google rankings and chances are there that duplicate content is part of the problem. That fallen ranking is consequently a end result of your content might be in some other site and Google started thinking that the other site is the original and yours is duplicate. Regrettably, in such circumstances it can be better to modify or put a new content and get back the results.
Even if your site is legitimate, but using lot of repeating keywords and you are watching your site going down on the SERPs, you may be hesitant to make broad sweeping changes to your site. In that case, reduce the percentage of spammy content on your site. Avoiding the spammy and similar content in small and watch out how Google responds to your changes before fixed for a more global approach.

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