Monday, April 4, 2011

Google and its +1 Feature - An added value for your Web Presence

It resembles FaceBook's Like Button and a kind of Social Bookmarking activity i.e., "recommending specific search results to others by clicking the button".

This +1 Button will have a certain level of impact on Ad CTRs, as well.

Google has taken its search engine results to a new social level with the launch of a new feature that will allow signed-up users to recommend content and even ads.
As there are so many factors for SERP in Google's Algorithm, it might be an additional factor that influencing the ranking process in point of Organic SEO.

But, I am not sure whether a site could fall from its position only for the reason it is not '+1'd.

The main motto of Google by introducing this feature falls under, Quality Site Content and an additional inclusion of Social Aspect like Google Buzz.
Google faced privacy criticisms last year when it launched Buzz, a social networking messaging product that automatically revealed people's personal contact lists to the public.

Matt Cutts said that Google hoped to address any potential privacy concerns with the +1 service by making it clear that any +1 tags are public.
There is another concern for Google that is,

To use the new recommendation system, users must create a Google Profile page. Any +1 clicks that a person makes will be publicly visible to their network of contacts, which is based on existing contacts in Google products such as the company's Gmail email and its instant messaging service.
Few Industry experts conveys that Initially Google will experiment this +1 factor in US by adding a small button next to Google SERP result of the Websites and PPC Ads. So the thing we need to do is clicking that button and then those +1s will be appeared next to the search results of that +1d website.
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