Monday, July 2, 2012

BING Disavow - Impressive Counter Move Not Completed as a Whole

Of late at June 27th, 2012 Bing declared the Disavow Links Tool in their Bing Webmaster Tools with the key usage of submitting pages, directories, or domain URLs which are considered by you as spammy, low quality and unnatural sites having link to your site that may contain links to your site.  To use this you have to go to Configure Your Site => Disavow Links.

It is a needed one particularly right after the Google Penguin Update and compassionate for those who sense they have been falsely knockout by that specific update intended for negative seo aimed at backlinks. Especially this is worthy for companies who mostly hang on the web marketing to sell their service or product.

The indication of “disavowing links” has been conversed for years; however Google is the initiator to set it in the limelight through its latest attention on links. "Disavowing links was something that had been asked for a lot that they were thinking of making available in the coming months", said by Matt Cutt at AMX Advanced.

Correspondingly a lot of folks may be demanding Google should have a comparable feature, as they are the one whom are considering much about weird backlinks over their latest Penguin update. Accordingly, as a sensational move, the disavow tool which is most expected to be released by Google, such a featured tool has finally been tossed by BING.

Besides Barry Schwartz, founder of Search Engine Roundtable  and CEO of RustyBrick says, "When I heard a disavow link tool was built for Webmaster Tools I was excited but then a bit taken back and shocked to hear it was Bing who first launched their disavow link tool [...] Bing beat Google to the punch! Is this more of Bing's attempt to win the hearts of SEOs to maybe impact market share? Possibly but either way, is this a black eye for Google?"

Bing outdoes Google in SEO invention. Though there are still few stuffs are lacking. That this tool will not beneficial for those who do not know what are the unnatural links that point to their websites and also it is not an automated tool to list out the links that seems to be spammy and warn you to do needful.

It is a manual tool that will be helpful only if you come to know about the unnatural URL or page or directory by your own, so that only you can provide that to the tool for disavow. Actually this is not possible for everyone, particularly for the one whose sites are affected because of penguin update or any other backlink Algorithm of search engines.

This race is not only meant for SEO invention but also to gain the place of Google. We can understand this through their recent accomplishments, as I have explained in my previous articles. Let’s see whether Google burst this move with a new completely featured tool with all the features that missed out by Bing or they are going to come with a similarly featured tool.

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